With Brazil Butt Lift sculpt a gluteal diaper

By | May 13, 2018

With Brazil Butt Lift sculpt a gluteal diaper

Do you dream of reinforced concrete buttocks, keto slim lose your few uneven kilos, carve a posterior defying the laws of gravity and you think that after 25 years, the miracle is no longer possible? Try the Brazil Butt Lift program coached by Léandro Carvalho known to train models at Victoria’s Secret.

The Brazil Butt Lift program in a few words
Brazil Butt Lift is a Beach Body video program that offers a weekly schedule to be followed each day for a 60-day period (a 30-day attack phase followed by a standard solution for another 30 days). It is basically a program “special buttocks” but you will also work abs. Assuming that the buttocks are made up of 3 different muscles, Brazil Butt Lift makes every muscle work from every possible angle. Result, dreamy buttocks!

A personalized program
Your buttocks are too big, too flat, drooping or all three times, you do not have a gluteus type marked? Brazil Butt Lift offers a personalized program, adapted to your morphology. Choose your profile and follow the detailed schedule of “Workouts”, to be done each day. Among the various Workouts, the Bum Bum, the Bum Bum Rapido, the High and Tight, the sculpture … To complete, a cardio exercise of 30 minutes in the form of dance (lambada, samba …) on a background of Brazilian music.

In your pack you will find
The box Brazil Butt Lift offers you the sending of 3 DVDs containing 6 Workouts, a nutritional guide of fat-burning recipes, a meter to measure every day your progress and the lost centimeters in waist, hips, arms … A express slimming plan in 6 days will ensure you a quick start thanks to a week of detailed menus.

For the fun note, you will also have a small pencil that will be used for the “pencil test” or test of the pencil to be placed between the buttock and the thigh until it falls … or not!

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