Does the bike help to lose weight in the thighs?

By | April 17, 2019

To slim down your thighs , you need to lose weight overall. Indeed, it is very complicated to lose weight only a part of the body, and working only these precise muscles will strengthen them but will not necessarily lose weight .

In this article we will see why and how to use the bike to slim and tone the thighs.

The bike to slim thighs

The bike is a sports physical that can burn calories , which will melt the kilos at all levels and thus help to thinner thighs . One hour of cycling burns between 550 and 850 calories , depending on your morphology and your practice.

Indeed, driving at 15 km / h, a person of 60 kg burns about 235 calories in one hour is the average speed when you’re on a ride.

For a more sporty practice , between 25km / h and 30km / h, this same person will burn about 710 calories .

The bike is very accessible on the legs , it will, in addition to losing weight , muscle and tone thighs which will also help refine them.

How to practice cycling to lose thighs ?

Have you decided to ride a bike ? Two choices are available to you:

The outdoor bike

Practicing outdoors bike is excellent, not only to lose weight but also to take a good breath of fresh air. To be effective, you can set a program of three sessions per week.

Among them, place a session of less than one hour, in the morning on an empty stomach, a session of two hours at a higher pace and a very intense session where you will practice interval training.

The exercise bike

For people who do not want to go out to ride a bike , or when the weather does not allow it, it is possible to invest in an exercise bike , just as effective.To train, you can either do three or four sessions of one hour per week or twenty minutes every day.

So you will lose fat and tone your thigh muscles .

In conclusion we will say that it is possible to lose thighs by practicing the bicycle provided you lose weight overall. On the other hand, the strength of the thighs can be achieved through the bike , outdoor or apartment, which will refine the leg and strengthen the thigh.

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