Benefits and properties of mango

By | December 11, 2017

Benefits and properties of mango
If you have come this far it is because adrena thrive you want to discover all the benefits and properties of mango.

And I can tell you that you have reached the right place.

Mango is one of the most versatile fruits. It can be consumed in its different stages of maturation, and thanks to its juicy, creamy and sweet flavor, it has become one of the most popular around the world.

There is a great variety of mangoes that we can enjoy in different recipes, from juices, sauces, smoothies or salads, just to name a few. A point to note is that the types of this fruit can be differentiated by their color, flavor, shape or even by the size of the seed.

It is a fruit with a fleshy part on the outside and a seed of an important size inside.

But the most important thing is that it not only gives us an exquisite flavor, but the great amount of benefits and properties of the mango for our body and our health.

It is one of the most sought after fruits and we will tell you why.

When talking about mango, we must highlight that it is a tropical fruit native to India, although little by little it was gaining popularity in regions of Asia and Africa, to expand throughout the world.

It is currently grown in the lowlands of the tropical areas of the planet and among its main producers, India, China, Pakistan, Thailand, Mexico and Brazil, also highlight other countries such as the United States, Israel and Australia.

The color of the mango can be orange, yellow, red or purple, in addition to green, when it has not matured, in the end this variety depends on the amount of sun that the fruit receives during its growth.

Surely you know some characteristics of the handle and were capable of lowering the fruit of the tree, to eat it with salt or marinade when it was not yet fully mature, but it is time that we have clear all that it can offer our body, so that never leave out the sweet and creamy mango flavor of our daily diet.

Mango properties

It is key to note that the properties of mango, of this rich fruit, change depending on the type of mango and the degree of maturity, although it is a good source of beta-carotenes, which our body can use to synthesize vitamin A, in addition it has important vitamin B, such as niacin or pyridoxine and C, which helps the proper functioning of our body.

Even studies claim that 200 grams of mango, provides about 56 mg of vitamin C, this would mean 60% of the recommended daily dose. This fruit also has a large amount of minerals such as fiber, potassium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, folic acid, phosphorus, copper, iron, as well as being very rich in sugars.

It also stands out for being low in fat, not having cholesterol, as well as digestive enzymes, which help us to process proteins faster. It also contains tryptophan, an amino acid that has relaxing properties and many carotenoids, which are components that give mango the characteristic color and are transformed into vitamin A.

We can quickly name some properties of mango, because a cup of 100 grams contains:

We are already talking about the properties of mango for our body due to the large amount of nutrients and vitamins that it provides.

But do not go.

There is more.

Now we have to mention the benefits of mango for health and our physique.

Benefits of mango

We already mentioned the properties of mango, we told you its nutritional value, but now it’s time for you to know what the benefits are for our body. Here are the main reasons why we should consume mango in our diet:

Reduce the cholesterol


The presence of fiber in the mango, helps us to reduce the cholesterol in the blood, also produces a feeling of fullness, so it is widely used to lose weight.

Low glucose levels

Among the benefits of mango, it is worth noting that it helps people suffering from diabetes because of their high fiber level.

Several studies have affirmed that the consumption of fiber, collaborates with the control of the glucose in the blood in the people with diabetes type 1, whereas the type 2, can improve the levels of sugar in the blood, the lipids and the insulin.

Help our heart

The potassium and fiber contained in the mangoes help us prevent cardiovascular diseases and are recommended for those suffering from hypertension.

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