How to become more efficient in bed

By | January 9, 2019

When it comes to any physical effort, those who train are the ones who do the best. Why should sex be an exception?

” Depending on the position, sex really does work the whole body and requires incredible strength, stamina and coordination ,” says Brynn Putnam, personal trainer and founder of the Refine Method Sports Center in New York. Strong hips are particularly needed to give powerful and sustained hips, which is clearly part of what is needed to make a sexual act pleasant . In tarvos testo addition, to work his hips puts a heavy emphasis on the glutes, and what woman does not like a nice buttocks that fills a pair of jeans? This training has only good points, and you too if you follow it.

Perform exercises 1 to 5 in circuit three times. Finish with five reps after Exercise 6.

1. The Spiderman way board
” Without proper hip mobility, your body can not put itself in the right position to work your glutes,” says Putnam. (And if it does not work …) This movement improves the flexibility of your lower body and strengthens the abs and arms .

Start by putting yourself in a plank position, shoulders directly above your wrists, hips and shoulders at the same level. Move one foot toward the outside of the hand on the same side but do not place it. Return to the board position and start again for 60 seconds, changing sides.

2. The hip thrust on one leg
” The hip thrust improves the way you raise your hips ,” says Putnam. You spend most of your day sitting, making it difficult to fully activate your gluteal muscles. This exercise teaches you how to lift your gluteus maximus so that you can lift your hips with greater force .

Sit on the floor in front of a bench or in front of a sturdy chair. Rest your shoulders on the edge of the bench and line up so that your feet are directly under your knees when you raise your hips to get in the bridge position. Start with the hips down. Raise one foot and use the support leg to lift your hips to the same level as your shoulders. Lower them then change feet. Continue for 60 seconds by changing feet at each repetition. If it’s too simple, put a bag of sand across your hips, heavy enough so that you can do between 10 and 12 repetitions in a minute.

3. Kettlebell swing
” Swing gives your hips explosive strength while improving the endurance of your heart and lungs,” says Putnam. And who does not wish to have an explosive force?

For this exercise, you will need a kettlebell or a dumbbell that you will hold by one end. Place it on the floor in front of you (standing for the dumbbell) and stand behind it, feet parallel and separated by a gap a little larger than the width between your hips. Back up your hips, as if you were doing a deadlift, so that your arms go down, flat back. Reassemble the kettlebell between your legs and move your hips quickly and powerfully by raising the weight at your belly button. Back up your hips again and repeat the exercise for one minute. Your weight must be heavy enough for you to do between 15 and 20 repetitions.

4. Squat with a bag of sand
A training for the lower body is incomplete without a squat . ” Holding an unstable load [sandbag] also helps support your partner in many sexual positions, ” says Putnam.

Take a bag of heavy sand and hold it vertically in front of your chest. Feet wide apart between your shoulders, act as if you want to sit on a chair and do not let your knees go over your toes. Push the floor with your feet and stand up, taking care to keep your knees parallel. Repeat the exercise gently while keeping control and use a bag of sand heavy enough to perform 10 repetitions in 60 seconds.

5. Moored at the trap bar
This is where things get heavier. ” Learning to lower yourself with your glutes and hamstrings instead of your back is an integral part of the daily prevention of lower back injuries ,” says Putnam. ” Do not be the guy who mistreats his back during the sex act. Lift your partner in the rules of art .

Use a trap bar. It allows your arms to have a neutral grip for even heavier weights. Put yourself in the middle of the trap bar, feet parallel and spread about the width between your hips. Start the movement by pulling back your hips. Grab the handles of the trap bar, contract your abs, lower your shoulders and put them back and contract your glutes to get up. Load the trap bar with enough weight to make between 8 and 10 reps in a minute.

6. Sliding intervals to push
Once you have completed the circuit above three times, it is time to go home and put what you have learned into practice. ” The push sled is a whole-body exercise that will increase your heart rate and make you feel better ,” says Putnam, who recommends the intervals. Pushing as hard as possible and then resting until you recover will greatly increase your stamina under the sheets .

Take a sled (or anything that slips by rubbing on the ground) and load it with weight equal to 10 percent of your own weight. Stand behind and lean at the waist to catch it. Run as fast as you can for 45 meters pushing the sled. Rest until your heart rate returns to normal (30 to 90 seconds). Repeat five times.

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