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What are the deficiencies that make you fat?

If excess food or lack of physical activity promotes weight gain , some deficiencies are also major factors of overweight. Zoom on the most frequent. Hormone therapy makes you gain weight At menopause, the percentage of estrogen drops, with specific symptoms like hot flashes . Hormone therapy is the best way to live better this… Read More »

The gourmet coffee: insured calories?

When one pays attention to one’s line, one may wonder if ordering a gourmet coffee at the restaurant rather than a dessert is a good idea . In fact, the latter is often caloric and not necessarily recommended. Gourmet coffee is often very caloric Unless you cook it yourself at home, gourmet coffee is going… Read More »

Bodybuilding: 3 exercises to do on his balance board

Muscle building does not necessarily require specific equipment since some exercises to do at home can tone your body quickly. Nevertheless, with a board of balance , you will increase the difficulty of the exercises and thus will be able to make your training all the more effective . What to carve a dream silhouette!… Read More »

Understand what the COPD effect is

When we finish a workout, our body needs a greater amount of oxygen than before we started training. This excessive consumption of oxygen has a name, is called EPOC EFFECT or Oxygen Consumption Excess. The EPOC EFFECT is responsible for several organic effects that occur in order to restore the state of balance of our… Read More »

How many calories in ratafia?

Ratafia is a regional and artisanal alcoholic drink often served as an aperitif and sometimes as a digestive. Made from various fruits, its composition is different according to the traditions of the regions where it is made. What caloric value can we expect from this homemade alcoholic drink? Composition of various kinds of ratafia Originally… Read More »

Modified starch, danger? We take stock!

What we commonly call “modified starch” is actually a bleached starch. In the food industry, it is an additive: the E 1403. Today pointed the finger, this product is it really dangerous for health? To define it, it is necessary to dissect the modified starch from every angle and to specify the actions on the… Read More »

How many calories are there in the krichlat?

A serving of 8 small krichlats has about 250 calories. It is necessary to know their nutritional value as well as their benefits to know if it is possible to consume them during a diet. The calories of krichlat Krichlat contains a lot of calories. These are mostly carbohydrates and lipids. There is very little… Read More »

Does sweating make you lose weight?

Despite popular belief, sweating is above all losing water, not fat. If doing sports or cleaning by dressing warmly is not used to lose weight in a direct way, be aware that the fact of sweating helps the body to lose weight indirectly. Move to sweat Sweating is often due to physical exercise of a… Read More »

The role of anabolics. Are they effective in promoting mass gain?

Anabolic substances are substances that facilitate or increase the phenomena of anabolism, that is, tissue production. Basically they are molecules close to testosterone that boost muscles and are used for an effective and fast weight gain in bodybuilding. There are anabolic molecules that the body produces naturally, and others that it produces. not. The liver… Read More »