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3 important secrets to gain muscle mass

Everyone wants to have a sexy, attractive, phenomenal and spectacular body. The reasons why we want to look good and more than good, call attention, are many. It is for this reason that we need to strive to have a body that is attractive because the benefits are many. This does not mean that our… Read More »

6 ways to exercise beyond muscle failure

When you are working on a weight-bearing exercise routine, there comes a time when you can no longer flex, it hurts, the muscles do not respond, you came to muscle failure . But still you can continue training that muscle. Today at Locura Fitness we show you how. Exercise beyond muscle failure There are ways… Read More »

Arm Routine: Increase Strength and Volume Quickly

The arms are the most striking limbs in a man, therefore, the interest in showing strong and defined arms has always been demonstrated, especially when we go to a beach day or to the pool, right? Now, the big question is how to have those big arms strong and defined? Today we will give you… Read More »

Tips for the abdominal wheel

The abdominal wheel is an inexpensive accessory that allows you to perform very effective movements to strengthen abdominals, improve posture and stability of the body, if you know how to use it well. It is not an essential instrument to practice bodybuilding but some practitioners appreciate it and the abdominal wheel has found its place… Read More »

How to stop compulsive nibbling?

When controlling your weight, it is imperative to pay attention to snacking that can ruin a balanced diet . In order to stop this compulsive nibbling, here are some tips. How to nibble intelligently? If you want to stop snacking, you need to take care of eating enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals during your three… Read More »

Flat belly: The enemy food

To lose weight by limiting calories is good. Find a flat stomach , without embarrassing bloating, it’s better! To reconcile diet and intestinal comfort, it is better to avoid certain foods. Our nutrition tips to identify them while flushing out fake friends. Flat belly: beware of foods that ferment! The cause of your bloating ?… Read More »

Bodybuilding: ideal for removing the love handles

Love handles, does it tell you something ? But no … do not run away! Losing your love handles is not an impossible task. One must only know how to work one’s body intelligently. And that means to do a set of physical exercises, without them necessarily all targeted on the part to melt. Obviously,… Read More »

Smith simulator – what is it?

Power machine – Smith’s simulator. Hidden benefits. Who do you think invented this simulator, a man by the name of Smith? Yes, this is the first and most obvious thing that comes to mind, but everything is not so simple. It is believed that the idea of ​​creating a Smith simulator belongs to the famous… Read More »

How to build a workout for sore joints?

We are glad to welcome all honest fraternity in the pages of the Alphabet of Bodybuilding , hello! On the calendar, Friday, December 2 , which means it’s time to fill the heading “Patient’s Corner” and in our today’s sports medical note we will talk about why the joints crackle and hurt when doing some… Read More »