Atkins Diet, what should I do in Phase 2?

By | November 19, 2018

Did you opt for the atkins method to reach the ideal line  ? There are 4 phases to follow to complete the program. The second phase requires special attention to be effective because it has the mission of continuous weight loss.

Some essential points to take into account to succeed this 2nd phase.

The principle of phase 2
Unlike Phase 1, which is quite aggressive, this new phase can be described as being more flexible, particularly in terms rapid results garcinia of food. The goal of this phase is to gradually reduce carbohydrates in your eating habits.

You start this reinsertion at 25g carbs a day with an additional 5g per week. The second phase will help you better understand the ideal carbohydrate limit for you, which is neither too small for weight loss nor too big to cause fat gain.

The carbohydrate limit is set at 40 g net intake per day. It is different from the first phase with a larger amount of carbohydrates and a diversification of your diet.

The advantages and disadvantages
Like all diets, the second phase of this diet has good and bad sides. The benefits include the diversification of licensed foods (more fruits and vegetables). Certainly, there are still forbidden foods, but you can add the list of authorized foods of the 1st of other fruits such as blueberries , raspberries, strawberries and cantaloupe.

If you are a vegetarian, know that this diet is totally in phase with your diet thanks to the diversity of food offered. You can also add special Atkins products to your meals.

Side disadvantage, the effectiveness of the diet imposes a strict limitation for all the food you eat. Exceeding the limit may cause you to regain fat.

For example, if you’re eating cheese like mozzarella, my limit is 140g per day for 4.1g net carbs . Being a less aggressive phase, weight loss is less quantitative.

Good to know about phase 2 / h2>
In addition to food, it is recommended that you continue to drink water, 8 glasses / day or more. You can also drink other drinks that are allowed by the diet such as fruit juice (lemon, tomato) while keeping in mind my limitation of net carbs. If you drink coffee, do not add sugar. The 2nd comes to an end when you are 4.5kg near your goal.

In short, the second phase of this diet is softer compared to the first phase, but remains at the level of food. Remember to do physical activities to speed up the process.

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