Allied supplements for muscle gain

By | August 3, 2017


Want to be at the top in your T-shirts and have muscles that see themselves in the right place?

What supplements to take muscle

Training is essential but do not neglect supplementation that will help you to have muscles bigger, more drawn, fuller. We have selected a few for the success of your muscle goal.


It will never be repeated enough proteins are essential for muscle gain . Amino acids are the famous bricks that make them up. It is common to take 1.5 to 2g per kg body weight for a regular bodybuilding practitioner. Their source is of little importance, especially if you vary the intake because each has its specificity, the milk protein (casein) is slow to digest, the whey is fast, the egg is complete, soy is an excellent substitute. If you only need to take one supplement it will be protein . If you have trouble with powders there are amino acids in tablets or capsules or in liquid form, but apart from the advantage of their faster assimilation,


It is indeed an excellent supplement which promotes the taking of muscle , the effect of which is no longer to be demonstrated. It holds water in the muscles and thus allows them to have a more full and voluminous appearance.

It should be taken at a rate of 3 g per day for maximum creatine retention . Even though it is still sometimes mentioned, the charge phase is no longer necessary with all new generations of creatine, especially HCL, the maximum charge being naturally reached after 28 days.

The combination with carbohydrates allows for better assimilation through the release of insulin, which is why some supplements also contain carbohydrates.

Most creatines are taken after exercise as this is the best time for anabolism. But some types enriched with other nutrients congestion boosters are to be taken before training for more effectiveness on vasodilatation during your sessions.


Studies have shown that combining proteins and carbohydrates is the best anabolic meal. This is precisely the principle of a winner. The protein combination provides the nutrients needed for muscle building , while carbohydrates stimulate insulin causing this peak necessary for anabolism.

By bringing in calories, you put the body in a muscle development situation because a muscle can not grow with a diet. The gainer is a great way to add calories to your meals or between meals to ensure this caloric excess without forcing you to swallow industrial amounts of food if you are not hungry.


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