5 Tips for Healthy Eating?

By | September 28, 2017

Every time we worry more about what alpha x booster we eat, we take more into account our food and we try to make it healthy. But are we doing well? We have a lot of information about food that is often misleading, contradictory and can lead to poor food choices. That’s why I want to give you 5 keys and multiple tricks and ideas to put into practice and enjoy and enjoy healthy eating.

healthy nutrition

To get a healthy diet is essential to take at least the two recommended daily rations of vegetables. Although if you want, could be more. A good way to take them is to not forget them in the main meals (food and dinner).

And they are super versatile, we can take them raw, boiled or steamed, roast them or bake them. You can also gratin with a little cheese or make them in the form of cream or puree.

Dare and try a rich salad with canons or fresh sprouts, broccoli trees boiled or steamed with a little lemon. Some peppers roasted with spices or a stir fry of garlic, zucchini and mushrooms. The cauliflower gratin is delicious! And why not try a nice orange pumpkin and carrot puree?

2. More fruits

Fruits also have to be present within a healthy diet. It is recommended to take them whole, to conserve their fiber and are an ideal snack at any time of the day, we can also take it at breakfast, inside salads, main courses or for dessert.

“It’s hard for me to eat fruit” Does that sound familiar?

Prepare them in a more attractive way, in the form of pinchos or Macedonian. A fantastic idea is to prepare lunch boxes with fruit after you buy them to have them ready to drink, especially if they are large fruits like melon, watermelon or pineapple. And if you’re a fan of ice cream you can freeze your favorite fruits (strawberries, banana, peach) and then crush them are very rich and fresh!

3. More legumes

They are great forgotten and are great: lentils, chickpeas, beans, peas, beans, soybeans They have great nutritional value, are rich in vegetable proteins, complex carbohydrates, minerals and fiber and, besides, its price is very economic. What more could you want?

Not much else because they are also a great food at any time of the year. We can take them very hot in a pot following a traditional recipe, in the form of mashed or poached. When the heat arrives they are ideal to add them in salads or to taste them like hummus (yes, I know, the common hummus is of chickpeas, but it can be prepared with other vegetables like the lentils or the beans and they are left to wet bread and sticks of vegetables! )

You can also use tofu or texturized soy that looks great for making vegetarian burgers, stuffing vegetables or making vegan bolognaise. How do you prepare them?

4. More fish than meat

Fish is not an indispensable food for a healthy diet, because well-raised vegetarian diets are healthy and do not add fish. Even so, if you are omnivorous it is more advisable to take fish than meat.

Each fish is different, also nutritionally, but in general we can say that they provide us with quality proteins, fat soluble vitamins (especially fatty fish), minerals and more or less unsaturated fatty acids related to different health benefits.

The main thing is to add it to the shopping list, it is also very useful to buy more and freeze it or directly buy it frozen because its nutritional properties do not change. To prepare it chooses to iron with some spice, although it is much cleaner and comfortable to cook it to the papillote, besides being exquisite.

5. Discard the processed ones

Eliminate the processed ones from your diet, most of them are products full of sugars and fats harmful to your health.

Substitute breakfast cereals Testosterone Booster for ones that are whole in the form of flakes or swollen. Change the sausages for vegetable pates, roasted vegetables or cheese with fruit. Take fruit, nuts or hummus as an alternative to mid-morning or afternoon snacks. Drink water and forget about sodas.

As you can see, forEating healthy does not have to include rare, hard to find, superfood or non-proximity products on your list. Eating more vegetables and less processed products is the principle to carry a good diet that can have a beneficial effect on your health.

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