5 Tips for Having a Flat Belly

By | October 29, 2017

Do you want to have a flat stomach but  derma luminous do not know what to do to remove localized fat in the abdomen area?
If you want to reduce belly and waist it will be very important that you take a healthy and balanced diet, exercise several times a week and include certain habits in your life.

In homemade beauty tricks we tell you what some of these habits should be and give you a total of five tips that will help you stay fit , take care of your health and have a flat stomach.

Includes fiber foods in your diet

Fiber is responsible for improving intestinal transit, combat constipation and prevent the onset of gas and flatulence , so it will be vital to include it in your daily diet.

How? Through consumption of ingredients such as green leafy vegetables (chard, lettuce, spinach, artichoke …), legumes (lentils and chickpeas), nuts (nuts, almonds, pistachios …), fresh fruits (apple, peach, plum, pear …) and whole grains, mainly.

Forget about salt

Although salt in very small doses can be beneficial to health, if you consume it in excess you will not be able to show a flat stomach because you will make the cells swell with water to be able to dilute the excess sodium, which will increase the size of your abdomen and will prevent you from losing belly .

If you want to boost the flavor of your favorite dishes you can spice them with spices likecilantro, thyme, oregano or parsley , as they are much healthier than salt and will not inflate your stomach.

End the Gasses

Many people, despite practicing sports and eating a healthy diet, are not lucky enough to boast of a flat stomach. This can be due to gas and flatulence , which can be combated following the following tips:

Chew very well food before digesting.

Do not drink gas.

Eat more slowly.

Avoid chewing gum.

Limit dairy intake.
You can also turn to home remedies and consume, for example, an infusion of peppermint after the main meals.

Eat potassium-rich foods

Foods with potassium will help fill the body with energy, prevent cramps and prevent fluid retention in the body. Remember to include in your diet ingredients such as bananas, legumes and nuts.

Sleep Eight Hours a Day

People who sleep very little or suffer from insomnia are more likely to gain weight than those who enjoy a deep sleep and night groom.

This is because, when we sleep little, the body becomes more resistant to insulin and stores sugars and fats in the body, especially in the area of ​​the abdomen.

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