5 sports exercises to do to two to lose weight

By | April 24, 2019

At two everything is always better. It must be recognized that sports for weight loss is essential, but it is not fun every day. It takes a good dose of motivation to wake up in the morning and go for fitness exercises . The solution is quite simple: do you find a diet companion.


This applies to both food and sport. It can be a friend or darling, at least someone who will motivate you and motivate you if need be. Here are some exercises to do together for a dream silhouette .

5 sports exercises to do to two to lose weight


Start with a simple exercise that will allow you to put yourself in the bath and relax. Sit back to back, glutes and backs glued to each other. Put your knees in a suit, then turn to the right and catch your partner’s knee. Stay 3 to 5 seconds then release and return to your starting position. Do the same exercise to the left then. Repeat the exercise 15 to 20 times depending on your level. This will allow you to have firmer abs while being relaxed.

Squats in duet

This basic bodybuilding exercise will help you have a flat stomach and work on all the muscles in your body. Stand back to back, keep your back straight and cross your arms. Go down then go up slowly while contracting the belly. If you are more experienced, you can both stand in the chair position and one of you will lift your foot for 5 seconds without relying too much on your partner.

The bench press

Lie on your back while your partner holds your ankles or sits on your lap if it is not too heavy. Put your hand behind your neck and then lift your bust without bending your knees. This will allow you to build your stomach and refine your silhouette.


Here, no need to go to a gym to lift the cast iron. All you have to do is sit back upright and put your arms at 90 °. Your partner will stand behind you and place your hands in yours keeping your arms tight. Just raise your arms while your partner presses to slow you down. You will develop the musculature of your arms and your belly.


Lie on your back while your partner is standing at your feet and then raise your legs to 90 °. Forcibly, your partner will Keto Genesys have to move your legs while you control the pressure.

If how to slim down is a question that is often asked, the answer is simple: sports and a balanced diet , the most important is to find the motivation to achieve it. With a partner, you will be sure to find less hard and more playful efforts.

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