5 proven solutions to reduce sugar in your diet

By | December 12, 2017

5 proven solutions to reduce sugar in your diet

How many times have you wanted vitalife hemp to reduce the sugar in your diet and do not know where to start? Well quiet, because you’re in the right place, at the right time.

In this article I am not going to tell you how bad and harmful it is sugar for health, because I already tell you in this link.

As it is very likely that you are hooked on sugar and the sweet taste (like 80% of the population) make yourself comfortable because I am going to go straight to the point (we are even going to exploit it together).

I am going to help you to consume less sugar in your diet in a practical and simple way, with small tips that provide great results


Do you feel identified with the following ?:

“Pouf, how dull it is, coffee without sugar is not coffee”

“Natural yogurt … I can not handle it. You can not be more soso ¬¬ ”

It is very likely that they take you out of the sweet and the salty and you get bitter … Do you get it? Bitter …

If you are one of those who all seem dull and you add sugar to things that have already added, you need to apply the following tips more than anyone else.

It will be very important that you learn to reeducate your metabolism and palate and lower that threshold of sweetness that you surely have in the clouds.

Because no, the normal thing is not that everything tastes sweet, but rather the opposite!

1. If you do not like her, do not join the

If you do not want to consume something, do not buy it. Point

If you want to start consuming less sugar in your diet, start by buying fewer foods that carry added sugar.

This law does not fail, and is the first you have to be clear.

2. Small changes, great results

That’s right, incorporate small changes, is reflected most times in great results.

No need to go from 0 to 120, so you’re going to go little by little, so you do not get too upset. Remember that you are hooked on sugar, and it is still a drug.

Sugary sodas

If you are one of those who need to drink every day sugary drinks (aquarius, nestea, coca cola, fanta …) try to start reducing your consumption, minimum, by half.

Sugary cocoa

If you drink colacao, nesquik, or whatever, do not add sugar because they have already added (and not little). Even the light or sugar-free versions have sweeteners, maltodextrins, dextrose etc that already sweeten.

Chocolate in tablet


If you love milk chocolate, white chocolate … you are eating sugar. Point. Begin to try purer versions of cocoa, starting at 75% purity, and you will begin to benefit from the real power of cocoa.

There are purer versions, with sweetener, which is also a very good option.

Sugary yogurts

If you drink sugary yogurt, or fruit (the same thing is that it is the same) start eating natural versions, and add your own honey, or some sweetener.

Packaged juices

If you love to take packaged juices (as much as you put 100% natural) start preparing them yourself at home. If you already prepare them yourself at home, and do not take them packaged, start taking the whole fruit, with its fiber.

Chocolate milkshakes

If you love to take or give your children chocolate shakes for school, do not buy them again. You will do them a favor. Start making homemade smoothies with whole milk, pure cocoa and some fruit or sweetener, and your child will have more health, more energy and will thank you in the future.

So, with everything … There are many more options, but you should be reading until dawn, and although romantic, it is not practical

With this what you will be able to go lowering your sweet threshold, and every time it will seem that you have left over the sugar in your diet. There will come a day (I hope) that the sweet will be what you think is cloying and disgusting.

3. Light foods are not the solution, far from it!

Light foods are not the solution, if not the opposite.

The fact of consuming light foods will not reduce your threshold of sweetness, since these foods will most often have sweeteners, flavor enhancers, salt, etc., so the palatability will remain the same or even more tasty.

In addition, the fact that most light products carry a lot of added chemical compounds, make the remedy worse than the disease.

4. Open the fan, there are more flavors out there

When you discover the great amount of possibilities in terms of flavors, it is really amazing. It seems a mystery, and that is that many children are already being badly educated from small to the sweet taste of everything they eat.

It is vital to learn to enjoy the true flavor of food, and disconnect a bit from the big marketing industry that do nothing but provide sweet products, with flavor enhancers and other compounds, to keep us hooked

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