5 foods to have healthy and shiny hair

By | January 31, 2018

5 foods to have healthy and shiny hair

If you want to show off healthy and shiny  renuvaline hair, include ingredients such as carrots and avocados in your diet

To have a healthy and shiny hair is not only important to do without the irons and dryers, leave aside the alcohol and snuff and use shampoos according to each hair type.

Food also plays a fundamental role when it comes to filling hair with shine, so betting on a healthy diet is vital for men and women who want to show off perfect hair.

But, what are the best foods to have healthy and shiny hair? What ingredients should be included in the diet if we want to enhance the beauty of our hair? In ¡Sententete Guapa! we give you the answer


If you consume a handful of nuts, pistachios, hazelnuts or almonds every day you can enhance the beauty of your hair to the maximum due to the omega 3 present in these nuts.

An essential fatty acid that will keep your hair hydrated, soft, strong and shiny and that, in addition, will help reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.


The carrot cares for visual health, prevents cancer, keeps the skin young for a long time, pampers the heart, combats constipation and complements diets to lose weight due to its low caloric level.

These qualities are complemented by high doses of vitamin A and beta-carotene, two substances that strengthen the hair and nails, nourish the scalp and stimulate the growth of the hair.


Avocado is the perfect complement to salads and many other dishes and an ingredient that can not be missing in any healthy diet.

The reason? That takes care of the heart, repairs and nourishes the skin, delays aging and helps us to have healthy and shiny hair.

This is due to its high doses of magnesium, a mineral that stimulates the production of keratin, a protein present in hair of great importance to make it look healthy, strong and very beautiful.

5 foods to have healthy and shiny hair


Green leafy vegetables


If you prepare a smoothie every day where there is no shortage of green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, lettuce, spinach and Swiss chard you can take care of the skin and hair from the inside.

And is that these natural ingredients are rich in calcium and vitamins A and C, which are responsible for providing an extra dose of shine to the hair and keep it young, soft and hydrated.


The egg contains proteins that strengthen the hair follicles, enhance hair growth and make the hair grow stronger and brighter. Consume it cooked instead of fried if you do not want to add calories!

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