4 slimming reflexes to have the line

By | May 10, 2018

4 slimming reflexes to have the line
Want to reach your ideal weight or keep it? keto 6x The most effective way is to know and develop slimming reflexes.

The trick of the Japanese
Stopping eating as soon as you feel the beginning of a satiety effect is a slimming reflex that has allowed generations of Japanese to enjoy good digestion and stay slim. For Westerners, who were taught from an early age to finish the contents of their plate (“otherwise no dessert …”), this beneficial reflex for the line may take some time to settle. It has been shown that by acting in this way, one can see one’s weight reduced by several kilograms each year.

Anti-snacking tricks
Drinking a simple glass of cold water or herbal tea is an easy way to end a craving. If you are very hungry, a small Greek yogurt or an apple will allow you to happily go to the next meal. These good habits will quickly become slimming reflexes. It is at home and in the office that the temptation to snack is most pressing. A study from Southern California University has highlighted something interesting to better withstand cravings: for the right-handed, it would be to use the left hand to eat (right for left-handers). This unusual gesture would reduce the pleasure of eating; therefore, one thinks twice before giving in to nibbling. When cravings arise when you are at work, take several deep breaths and exhale very slowly. For you change the ideas, make some calls or sort your papers.

Natural appetite suppressants
Using a natural appetite suppressant is a slimming reflex to remember to eat less at meals and avoid cravings. Extracted from the root of a plant, Amorphophallus Konjac, konjac has been appreciated in Asia for nearly 2000 years for its appetite suppressant properties. Nutritious and satisfying, konjac absorbs up to 100 times its weight in water and effectively traps lipids and sugars, because of the glucomanane it contains. A supplement taken between meals calms an appetite too greedy.

Manage your BMI
Knowing your body mass index (BMI) helps you know if you have to lose weight or have reached your healthy weight. It is calculated by dividing its weight in kilograms by the square of its size expressed in meters. For example, a woman measuring 1m58 and weighing 55 kilos should have a BMI of at most 27.2 (her healthy weight); if it exceeds 30, it may be overweight. On the other hand, this index can not reveal precisely whether an excess of weight is due to a stronger frame or a surplus of fat. To make sure, you can have your IMG (fat mass index) calculated in a fitness center. Monitor your BMI is another reflex that is part of a slimming process.

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