3 yoga positions in the office to relieve stress and anxiety

By | April 7, 2018

3 yoga positions in the office to relieve stress and anxiety
If the work is too difficult to handle Luna Trim at any time of the day, it is time to take a break and clear your head. The good news is that you do not even have to get up from your chair to do it. Do these yoga positions in the office on your breaks and feel that the stress and anxiety disappear.

Yoga desk 1: sitting in the mountains
A prolonged fall of the computer in front of the computer will cause a lot of tension in the lower part of the back, which will result in poor posture, back pain and misalignment of the spine. The sitting position of the mountain helps to straighten the back and relieve pain.

While sitting in your chair, put your knees and feet evenly across your hip. Rest the palms of your hands on your thighs and twist your pelvis slightly forward. Do not put your chest or chin forward; This position should lengthen your spine. Close your eyes, relax your shoulders and jaws. Start doing your breathing exercises; breathe deeply through your nostrils for several minutes.

Yoga desk 2: the position of the elastic neck
Crossing stress and anxiety at work exerts a lot of pressure on the neck and shoulders. Why? These areas of the upper body tend to contract instinctively when we are trapped in a stressful situation. The neck stretch position releases tension in the neck and shoulders and improves your posture.

In this position, sit still and take a deep breath. As you exhale, slowly lower your chin to your chest. Slowly turn your head to the right while inhaling, then turn your head back and look up as you exhale. Move your head to the left, inhale slowly, then repeat to the right. Do 3 repetitions of each position (left and right head roll).

Once the repetitions are complete, slightly extend the left hand to the left. Now, imagine that your left fingers rest in an invisible chair next to you. Tilt the head to the right and gently place the right hand on the left side of the head to obtain a deeper stretch. Hold this position for 4 long breaths and then move to the opposite side.

Yoga Office 3: Spinning the spine sitting
In yoga, the manipulated chakra, the chakra connected to its self-image, is in the navel. If a lot of energy accumulates Weight Loss Supplement in this area, the body will feel lethargic, the stomach will not be able to function properly and eventually it will lose its energy to enjoy life.

Adopt the spinal sitting twist position in the yoga office. Sit in your chair and inhale. This should lengthen your spine. Turn and grab the edge of your chair with your hands as you exhale. Loosen the muscles of the neck and shoulders and stay in this position for 10 long breaths.

Start with the starting position and turn to the other side. For those with chronic back problems or disc problems, check with your doctor first before doing this work.

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