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Can we lose belly with Nordic walking?

To lose belly , physical exercise is essential. Endurance sport very complete, Nordic walking attracts more and more followers. Its principle? Walking with ski poles! But is it a good choice to get a tonic belly? Rather yes. But be careful: “Nordic walking”, as it is also called, does not have any targeted action on… Read More »

Vegetarian menu without gluten and without lactose

While intolerances and allergies are increasing in the population, you may need to lose weight while eating gluten , lactose and meat. At first glance, such a diet may seem difficult to initiate, because of the many foods it forbids to consume. However, its principles are actually rather simple to apply with some nutrition tips… Read More »

How to become more efficient in bed

When it comes to any physical effort, those who train are the ones who do the best. Why should sex be an exception? ” Depending on the position, sex really does work the whole body and requires incredible strength, stamina and coordination ,” says Brynn Putnam, personal trainer and founder of the Refine Method Sports… Read More »

Are Pregnancy and Combat Sports Really Incompatible?

Of course, when you are pregnant, it is better to avoid fighting sports (such as boxing or judo), far too extreme and therefore dangerous for the baby to come. In the same way, the martial arts are to be proscribed. So, to keep moving despite the baby’s upcoming arrival, which physical activities to turn to… Read More »

How to buy Trialix Online?

There is a difference between exchanging friendly conversations and harassment. Here’s how to make sure you’re not “that kind of man” in a woman’s mind . Sporty tight clothes. Bodies covered with sweat. Individuals of the opposite sex who share a passion for muscles and fitness. The gym is a natural place to be attracted… Read More »