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Exercise burns fat special abs

The belly is one of the parts of the body where it is the most difficult to lose fat . To achieve this, one must do exercises burn fat adapted and follow a proper diet. What are these exercises? How should it be done? We give you some tips here . Frog jumps Still called… Read More »

How to lose hips with a plastic film?

You want more than just slim hips? Among the many ways to lose weight in this part of your body , have you ever thought about using plastic film? Yes, we are talking about the cellophane in your kitchen. This method proves to be an ideal natura farms keto solution to refine the silhouette. How to… Read More »

Top 10 best diets

Between those who allow to lose weight and those who are dedicated to the improvement of the health , the diets certainly do not miss. Do you get lost a little? Let us guide you with our top 10 . 3 of the best diets to lose weight On the list of the most effective… Read More »

Man: what sports to lose belly?

Women are often the most complexed by the presence of abdominal fat . In men, when their belts do not fit, they start to panic. To lose weight of the belly, there are not 36 solutions, it is necessary to take care of its food and to practice sport . Yet, not all sports can… Read More »

How to build up your glutes for a man?

For a man, having flabby or flat buttocks is an aesthetic problem requiring physical activity and diligence to be corrected. With regular overall physical exercises for your overall glutes and physical isolation exercises to target specific muscles in this part of your body , you can strengthen your glutes. Let’s see together how to strengthen… Read More »

Which sports to practice to lose weight during the rules?

Playing sports is not always easy when you have your period : fatigue, pain, lack of motivation. Some physical activities are better than others at this difficult time for many women, especially those who practice to lose weight. Choose practices where you feel comfortable If all sports can be practiced at this time, it does… Read More »

The progressive overload to gain muscle

What is the progressive overload? The progressive overload is the gradual increase in physical stress placed on the body during weight training. This increase can come from increasing weights, a greater number of repetitions, a greater number of series, etc. How does progressive overload help us? This increase in physical tension will activate the body’s… Read More »

3 important secrets to gain muscle mass

Everyone wants to have a sexy, attractive, phenomenal and spectacular body. The reasons why we want to look good and more than good, call attention, are many. It is for this reason that we need to strive to have a body that is attractive because the benefits are many. This does not mean that our… Read More »

6 ways to exercise beyond muscle failure

When you are working on a weight-bearing exercise routine, there comes a time when you can no longer flex, it hurts, the muscles do not respond, you came to muscle failure . But still you can continue training that muscle. Today at Locura Fitness we show you how. Exercise beyond muscle failure There are ways… Read More »