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Does the gluten-free yogurt diet help slim down?

What is the gluten-free diet ? We have been talking about it a lot lately. This type of diet is very popular because it allows to destock all fat cells to lighten the silhouette and make you feel better day after day, while taking care of the liver. You thus find a refined silhouette and… Read More »

Sports nutrition: what diet before exercise?

Eating is one thing, but knowing when to eat and what to eat before the sport is another, is not it? So for short, before the practice of physical activity , there are certain rules to respect, including that of food. To have a good energy during the effort, it is essential to eat healthy… Read More »

Are the 5 Tibetans muscling?

Many of us are absorbed into a sports diet or dietary diet for the sole purpose of losing weight. Others, on the other hand, simply seek a better-being thanks to a peace of mind and body. But can we reconcile these two goals? The so-called “5 Tibetans” method tries to assert it. But what about… Read More »

The detox diet for vegetarian, we tell you everything!

Detox diets are very popular and can reboost your entire body in just a few days . They also melt a few pounds in passing and that, nobody will complain about it. Is it suitable for vegetarians? Yes, absolutely since this type of diet is mainly focused on fruits and vegetables . Finally, there are… Read More »

Atkins Diet, what should I do in Phase 2?

Did you opt for the atkins method to reach the ideal line  ? There are 4 phases to follow to complete the program. The second phase requires special attention to be effective because it has the mission of continuous weight loss. Some essential points to take into account to succeed this 2nd phase. The principle… Read More »

How to become a mystery shopper?

What does this consist of? You are a serial shopper? shopping is one of your favorite hobbies? So this little job might please you. Companies need to test their customer service, the quality of their reception and it’s not always easy for them because role plays, training are not enough, it must be able to… Read More »

The syndrome of promotions

Nowadays promotions are ubiquitous and the national sport is to make the best deal. Did you notice how proud everyone is to say that he did a great job? But are you sure you really save on your budget? There are real discounts and in general it is either to make known a product that… Read More »