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Hyperproteic food plan to have a good hypertrophy and a good workout

Muscle hypertrophy consists of the optimal development of your muscle, increasing the amount of your muscle fibers, achieving a privileged aesthetic, health and superior physical performance. However, for this result, the food must be very well represented. The menu for those who want to increase their muscles is very detailed, but simple to perform, provided… Read More »


Why does this work? Usually, when you allow yourself to eat something with a high glycemic load, sugar enters the bloodstream alpha male x and rapidly increases the level of glucose in the blood, leading to a rapid peak of energy. However, this peak does not last very long. “When people’s blood sugar levels rise too… Read More »

Have you heard of the Greek kiss?

This not-so-unusual erotic caress, but still surrounded by taboos for involving oral stimuli in her partner’s anus, became a media subject thanks to a scene from the Girls series, hosted by HBO, where one of the protagonists receives a nice Greek kiss from her partner. One of the sexual preliminaries t5x extreme less known to the… Read More »

What Pilates exercises for a flat stomach?

Do you plan to practice Pilates to lose belly fat? Excellent idea ! Know that all exercises in this discipline are based on the work of the center of the body, ie the belly. In a few lessons, you will know how to refine the lower belly according to your needs. Techniques to refine the… Read More »

The slimming cream to lose cheeks?

Mincing cheeks, for overweight people and even more for thin people, is not obvious. Among the existing means of action, the cream is a useful solution however respecting a few simple instructions. We give you the good advice to lose cheeks! Why cheeks can be bloated? The roundness in the cheeks can come from both… Read More »

What sport for losing weight in the neck?

A few extra pounds is always embarrassing both in terms of health and physical. Small bumps are formed all over the body and this also applies to the neck. Even if we do not talk about it often, it’s still pretty inelegant. Even if you can not specifically target the neck, several tricks are possible… Read More »

Menu Weight Watchers 100% Cookeo

With the WW Points Program, you’ll be able to lose weight while still cooking delicious meals for your family’s meals. And if you have a Cookeo and more, discover all the Weight Watchers recipes to make: Burgundy, risotto, couscous and many more. Discover low-calorie kcal, dietetic and therma trim tasty recipes to prepare you to concoct… Read More »

What should you drink in the morning to lose weight?

To lose weight, it is always essential to start the day well. It is possible, thanks to a drink that places the body in good conditions to lose weight. Which drink to choose and why? Drink water in the morning to lose weight There are several possible drinks to prepare your body for digestion and… Read More »