10 Benefits and Properties of the Apple for Beauty and Health

By | September 28, 2017

Reduce cholesterol and protect the heart lejuve cream because they have pectin that help dissolve fats that adhere to the walls of the arteries.

They regulate sugar levels in the blood . For this reason people with type II diabetes are advisable.

They help to lose weight , because of its high fiber content. They also cause a deceleration effect.

They regulate the PH of the aparatodigestivo , eliminating acidity, protect the kidneys and the liver, since it is attributed the diuretic characteristics that favor the detoxification of the organism. On the other hand, the source of fiber that the apples contribute to regulate the intestines avoiding constipation and diarrhea .

They are antioxidants by excellence, so they are considered to help repair cell tissue and prevent the mutation of cancer cells.

They prevent the formation of tooth decay and maintain a healthy mouth. This is a result of the production of saliva that is generated by chewing an apple, as its composition reduces the formation of bacteria and prevents cavities.

They control uric acid, prevent gout and arthritis .

By its composition in vitamin B12 apples prevent insomnia .

Eliminate dead skin cells and Essentials Skincare tighten skin, thanks to which they contain important amounts of tartaric acid and malic acid . For this same reason apples are used in facial cleansing treatments.

Stimulate growth and prevent hair loss . This is due to the antioxidants that this fruit possesses but also to a compound called polyphenol (procyanidin B-2) that promote hair growth.

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