How many calories in red bean soup?

The red bean soup is a classic in some parts of the world, and we like to revisit this recipe by adding vegetables, meat or not according to our tastes for a consistent dish and low calorie. Red bean soup for weight loss A portion of red bean soup, about 350 grams, contains 360 calories.… Read More »

How to lose 10 pounds in 100 days?

Losing 10 pounds in 100 days can be a great way to have a nice shape and shape. Although there are a multitude of types of diets to get rid of unnecessary kilograms, learning to lose weight in a healthy way in 3 months and a few days allows you to reduce the chances of… Read More »

What fat index for a sports woman?

The definition of the Fat Fat Index (IMG) is simple. It is, in fact, the ratio between the mass of fat and the mass of muscle. For a woman, the normal IMG is between 25 and 30%. But an athlete will have a higher muscle mass also called lean mass and therefore a lower fat… Read More »

How can neuroscience help lawyers?

Anyone who thinks that neuroscience is a subject only for researchers is wrong. Judges and lawyers can also benefit from this area of ​​medicine, which studies the structure of the brain, its functioning and its influences on human behavior. Understanding how a man’s brain evolves and how it reacts to the outside world is a… Read More »

Challenge your brain with SUPERA

The poison to the brain: laziness. Slow information processing, memory failures, difficulty concentrating are some of the consequences that laziness ‘injects’ daily into our brain. The brain is the main work tool we have, it commands all our actions, both physical and emotional. And to keep you in full working condition you have to challenge… Read More »

Essential oils can become your food Post-workout

In the gym there are many unknowns. One of them is the food that comes after the training. Most people focus on complex carbohydrates, others throw money away with protein shakes purchased at a high cost. But the truth is that neither protein nor carbohydrates come from where they come are the best food for… Read More »

Eat healthy to improve our sexual relationships

There are studies in which sexologists and psychologists affirm that the foods we eat improve our sexual relations due to the effect they produce in our body. Including certain foods in our daily diet is one of the easiest (and tastiest) ways to have satisfying sex. Let’s see what those foods are and how they… Read More »

How to lose weight in 3 days?

You can not stand your bat arms and the skin that hangs underneath, and you want to lose weight quickly? With a little will, a suitable diet, a little sport and some tricks, you will reach your goal and will again be able to wear short sleeves, without showing flabby arms … Adapt your diet… Read More »

3 exercises to lose thighs at work

Losing weight is not an easy thing, you need healthy eating and sports. For food you just need to make homemade meals with little fat and full of vegetables and protein. On the other hand, sport is another thing. Already it takes the motivation to do it and this is not the case for everyone… Read More »