How to become a mystery shopper?

What does this consist of? You are a serial shopper? shopping is one of your favorite hobbies? So this little job might please you. Companies need to test their customer service, the quality of their reception and it’s not always easy for them because role plays, training are not enough, it must be able to… Read More »

The syndrome of promotions

Nowadays promotions are ubiquitous and the national sport is to make the best deal. Did you notice how proud everyone is to say that he did a great job? But are you sure you really save on your budget? There are real discounts and in general it is either to make known a product that… Read More »

How to lose 10 kg after 55 years?

With age, fat is more easily and durably installed in our body. It is the natural melting of the muscle mass that explains this situation . So if you are 55 or older, how to lose a dozen pounds? Well, you have to follow a specific program that includes practicing physical activities to maintain bodybuilding,… Read More »

How to lose 4 kg with Dukan?

this is what allows the Dukan diet: in a short time, lose your extra pounds without losing energy while nourishing your muscles! The slimming shop Anaca3 A high protein diet that comes in several phases: – The attack phase is when you lose weight easily by eating only protein for 3 to 7 days. (meat,… Read More »

How to lose 5 kg in 6 weeks?

Losing naturally 5 kg in 6 weeks can seem long but to reach this objective, it is essential to adopt new eating habits . Six weeks is not too much to put in place an effective detox program. true light keto By reducing calories and going back to sports, you can lose weight permanently ,… Read More »

How to lose 2 kg in 12 days?

lose a few extra pounds, you adopt the right attitude to be sure to lose the bad fat and not the muscle or the water! The slimming shop Anaca3 Lose weight in a few tips Here are some simple tips that can help you lose fat without changing your habits: – Drink 1 liter more… Read More »

Bloating: vegetables to avoid

Mincing finally, it’s so much fun! Except when stomachaches come to replace the lost kilos … Frequent source of flatulence, some vegetables can explain your bottle too inflated . To help you digest better, here is the list of three main vegetables to avoid. The cabbage Well known for giving gas, the cruciferous king tends… Read More »

Is a raw diet compatible with bodybuilding?

The raw diet, or “crudivorism” consists of not cooking the food that is consumed . The choice of food to eat raw is limited, some less drastic raw diets tolerate very light cooking. A priori, the nutrients are not degraded and, except for a vegan raw diet , there should be no specific contraindication to… Read More »

What muscles does the pedal boat work?

The pedalo helps to tone specific muscles of the body and strengthen the heart and the respiratory system. Whether you are a beginner or a confirmed athlete, this physical activity is a great help to maintain fitness . The muscles that the pedal boat makes work This is essentially the belly area, as if you… Read More »